Plant a Tree Community Project – A Letter From Fr. Murphy

                                                                                                22ndOctober 2021

Dear Parishioners,

In light of the recent publication of the Pastoral Plan for the Archdiocese:(Seeds of Hope 2021-2026) and in the spirit of Laudato Si, we are proposing to do something which will positively affect climate change for the better.

In the coming months, we invite each household in the parish to plant at least one tree. The parish will order and supply a selection of trees, fruit trees and fruit bushes in exchange for a donation to the cause. These trees are available to be purchased in bulk capacity and donations may be paid on collection of your order.

Old traditional apple trees may also be purchased at a starting price of €22 per tree. If you wish to purchase an apple tree , we encourage you to select a tree from the following website: Unfortunately, these trees are not sponsored by the parish and must be paid for in full. A Gooseberry bush will be provided free with each apple tree purchased.

Once all trees have been purchased and collected, we hope to organise a “Tree Planting Day” that will involve all families planting their tree on the same day right across the parish. We believe all of us would enjoy marking this day in such a memorable way.

A huge thank you to all the children of  Drom NS for their beautiful pictures and wonderful insights into the importance of planting trees within our community. I hope you enjoy their artwork that will be displayed in our churches promoting this important project.

For now, we encourage you to please fill out and submit the form below and return to Drom or Inch Church porch by 31st October or, submit your form online via the following link: 

Sincerest thanks to you in advance for your involvement.

With thanks,


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