In recognition of the cost of preparing children and young people for the return to primary school each September Minister for Education Norma Foley T.D. has announced funding to provide free schoolbooks, including workbooks and copybooks, from September 2023. This scheme will eliminate the cost to parents of providing these resources.

Funding is being provided directly to primary schools and special schools by the Department to implement the scheme and schools will now have responsibility for providing schoolbooks, workbooks and copybooks to all children and young people at the start of the school year.

All schoolbooks will remain the property of the school so that books can be reused in future years. Schoolbooks will be provided on loan to children and young people for the duration of the 2023/24 school year and must be returned to school at the end of the school year.

Parents are requested to remind their children to take care of their books and keep them in good condition during the year. It is not permitted to write on textbooks.

There are some related classroom resources that are not covered by the scheme. Additional details on what items parents will need to supply for the return to school in August 2023 are highlighted in yellow on the booklists.