Maths Week: Brainteaser Booklet: Solutions

Well done to all who took part in Maths Week activities this week. We hope you had fun solving puzzles as a family.We had a particularly good response to the Mangahigh Ninja Challenge with competition heating up as the week went on. We look forward to Maths Week next October and will announce the winners of this weeks’ challenges on Thursday. Good luck to all who entered. 

Junior Booklet

Monday: This is just one possible solution: 

Tuesday: The next shape is A.


Maze with a recurring circle, triangle, square pattern circled.


Raj found a picture of the lightest object.
The kite is the lightest object. This must be Raj’s object: kite

Mike’s object is heavier than Raj’s.
The tricyclemust be Mike’s.

Sara’s object is heavier than Mike’s.
This must be Sara’s object:jeep

Tom’s picture is of the heaviest object.
The heaviest object is the boat. This must be Tom’s object:steamship



Mom   14      Dad   28      Bill   9       Hilda   18     

John   10      Kate  22      Wes   24   


Senior Booklet 

Monday: The three children are 9, 2 and 2.

Tuesday: The total weight of the three animals is 27kg

Wednesday: The correct net of the cube is A.

Thursday: First to fifth place was as follows: Royals (90%), Knights (45%), Dukes (40%), Crowns (35%), Bishops (25%)

Friday: Angel lived in House 25. Dexter lived in House 1. Jarvis lived in House 12. 

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