Green Flag on Water

We are currently working on the theme of water in the hope of getting our third green flag. We have recently recorded the length of time the taps are running in each of the sinks in order to reduce the amount of water we use.

The winner of our recent slogan competition is Roisin Mockler. Her slogan is ‘ WATER IS THE SOURCE OF LIFE, WASTING IT IS NOT SO BRIGHT’

While the main focus is on the theme of water we are still maintaining our focus on litter and waste and energy.

Useful Tips to Conserve Water at Home:

  • Turn off the taps when washing your teeth – you can save six litres of water
  • Take a shower not a bath – don’t use power showers as a 10 minute shower uses as much water as three baths!
  • Fill the kettle for the right amount – you can save energy as well!
  • Use water from a water butt to water your plants
  • Never use a hose pipe in your garden
  • Always fix leaking taps
  • Use your dishwasher and washing machine only when they are full, thus saving energy as well!
  • Visit Irish Water’s website to learn more about being water smart in the home.

Green Flag on Energy

This year we have commenced working on the theme of Energy. We have to work on this theme for two years before we can be awarded our second green flag. We will also have to maintain our work on the theme of Litter and Waste, for which we have already been awarded a green flag.

Energy – What can you do?

Turn Off the Lights!

Don’t leave lights on when no-one is in the room.

Use energy efficient light bulbs (compact fluorescent light bulbs). These bulbs use ¼ of electricity as normal light bulbs and last up to 12 times longer!

Turn Off Appliances!

Turn off your TV, stereo, playstation, computer, washing machine, DVD and other appliances when they are not in use. Leaving appliances on stand-by uses energy so remember to switch them off.


Turn Down the Heat!

Turning the thermostat down by 1°C can reduce your heating bills by 10%.

Close your curtains at dusk as curtains block cold air coming in.

Check all windows and doors to see where draughts are coming in. If you identify draughts get your parents to seal them up. Why don’t you try and make a draught excluder using old clothes!

Turn Off the Taps!

A dripping hot water tap wastes energy and in one week wastes enough hot water to fill half a bath, so fix leaking taps and make sure they’re fully turned off!

Turn off taps – wasting water wastes electricity as a huge amount of electricity is used daily in supplying water and cleaning it after use.

Bright Ideas!

Research renewable energy and new technologies for your home.